Name Godzilla (Showa)
Alternate names Gigantis the fire monster
Species Mutated Godzillasaurus
Gender Male
Eyecolor Black
  • Minya (Son)
  • Anguirus (First foe/Best Friend)
  • Rodan (ally)
Abilites Radioactive ray, flying kick, flight (Godzilla vs. Hedorah only)
Suits GyakushuGoji,KingGoji,

MosuGoji, DaisensoGoji, MusukoGoji, SoshingekiGoji, MegaroGoji

Portrayed by


This Godzilla's appearnace is changing during the Showa series. First, He looked similar to Godzilla (1954) and then to an reptile like look etc.

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